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Annaliza November 4, 2013 (11.04.2013)

Annaliza November 4, 2013 (11.01.2013)
Annaliza is a young girl who, as a baby, has been stolen from her wealthy parents, restopreneurs Lazaro and Isabel. It was Stella, Lazaro’s avenging ex-lover, who had the baby stolen with the help of Makoy, her suitor. Pressured with being caught, Makoy leaves the child with his best friend Guido, a fishport worker. Guido raises Anna Liza as his own daughter. Annaliza endures challenges and hardships in her young life when Guido eventually marries Stella. But Annaliza’s gift for cooking brings her closer to Isabel and Lazaro, not knowing they are her true parents. In the end, Annaliza discovers her true past and is compelled to choose between the man who raised her or her true parents. Annaliza November 4, 2013 (11.01.2013) Episode Below